With Kindred society comes a bit of a new terminology. In the list below, we have gathered the most common words
and phrases, for those of you who wish to delve a bit deeper into the world of the Kindred and the Camarilla.

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According to legends of the Kindred, antediluvians are the vampires of the Third Generation. Supposedly they were created by Caine's first childer, Enoch, Irad & Zillah. Legend holds there to be thirteen of them, and their sins are those to blame for God causing the Great Deluge.
From each of these vampires come the twelve original clans of Vampire: Assamites, Brujah, Cappadocian, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Salubri, Toreador, Tzimisce & Ventrue. It is believed among the game's mythologies that each clan's weaknesses comes from a curse Caine set upon the Antediluvian Founders of the clan.

Beast, the:
The inchoate drives and urges that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, raving monster.
When a person is Embraced, his human soul is stripped away and replaced (or at least burdened) with a primal nature called the Beast. The urge to feed on living blood and the lusts of the vampiric soul are fuelled by this new soul. If not properly controlled, it can put the vampire in a frenzy that makes him loose control of his actions and attack the first person (be it friend or foe) close enough to sate his thirst for blood, which is what draws out the Beast in the first place.
Thus, always be careful not to let the Hunger grow too strong.

Blood bond:
A blood bond is a supernatural link of fidelity and dependency of one vampire (the thrall) on another one (the regnant), created and maintained by the repeated consumption of the regnant's blood. In many vampire societies, the blood bond is a powerful weapon for vampire leaders who wish to be assured of their subjects' loyalty.
Someone becomes involved in a blood bond by drinking the vitae of the same Cainite on several occasions not excessively spaced in time. After the first sip of blood, the thrall begins to develop strong feelings for the regent, whether love or hate, though they are still free to act as they choose. Those in a one-drink bond may unconsciously seek out the regent, seemingly accidentaly running into them on a frequent basis.
After the second sip, the regent becomes a very important person to the thrall, who may go out of their way to seek the regent's attention or please them. It becomes difficult for the thrall to do anything that would harm the regent, and the regent likewise finds it easier to convince the thrall of things. Though the thrall's craving for the regent's blood increases, they still retain their free-will.
After the third sip, the blood bond is complete. The thrall is now subject to the regent completely and loves them as much as they are capable of loving anyone. The regent is the most important person in the thrall's life and takes priority over all else; sufficiently weak-willed individuals will commit any act the regent asks of them. Furthermore, the regent may command the thrall with Dominate via voice alone. It may still be possible for the thrall to act against the regent, but only temporarily and after an extreme effort of will."

Blood doll:
A mortal who freely gives her blood to a vampire. Most blood dolls gain perverse satisfaction from the Kiss, and actively seek out vampires who will take their vitae. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

Blood hunt:
The persecution of a vampire by the rest of the vampiric society in order to kill him. The blood hunt must be officially declared by the local Prince. Once the order is given, it is customary to allow the vampire to flee the city. This mercy is extended until midnight, after which any vampire is free to hunt down and destroy the persecuted subject. On occasion, a reward might be offered to the one who delivers or kills the victim. Any vampire who helps the subject of a blood hunt in any way is considered an accomplice and may himself become an additional target.
In some cases it is traditional to let the victim's Sire perform the execution.

The first of our kind was Caine. Caine - the First Man born of Man. Caine - who had slain his brother and was cast from humankind. Caine - who was cursed with eternal life and with terrible lust for Blood. It is said that he wandered alone in sorrow for many years. In time, however, his loneliness consumed him and he made others like himself. His childer created childer, and these childer created childer, until there existed 13 vampiric Clans. Each of these damned souls bore the curse of Caine, but for every generation they were removed from the first one, their strength was lessened.

Another word for vampire.

The largest sect of vampires in existence, the Camarilla concerns itself with the Masquerade, thereby hoping to maintain a place for Kindred in the modern nights. The Camarilla is an open society; it claims all vampires as members (whether they want to belong or not), and any vampire may claim membership.
Though the Camarilla is the largest sect, just over half of the 13 known vampire clans actively participate in its affairs. hese clans are; Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Torerador, Tremere, Ventrue.
Officially, the Camarilla does not recognize the existence of the Antediluvians or Caine. It reasons that these vampires, if they ever existed at all, have long since suffered the Final Death, and those who allude to them are publicly derided.

A vampire created through the Embrace - the childe is the progeny of her Sire. This term is often used derogatorily, indicating inexperience. Plural is childer.

A ghoul's master; one who feeds him blood and issues him commands.

A sarcastic term for a vessel, typically human. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

Embrace, the:
The act of transforming a mortal into a vampire. The Embrace requires a vampire to drain her victim and then replace that victim's blood with a bit of her own.

An Elysium is a piece of neutral ground where vampires may go to congregate, converse and hash out business deals without fear of violence or exclusion. Every city - at least every Camarilla city - has at least one designated Elysium; larger cities often have several. They're commonly established in opera houses, museums and other locations of culture. Disciplines can not be used while in an Elysium.

To drink blood from a human, a Kindred, or even an animal. To feed, a vampire only needs to bite, retract the teeth from the wound and begin to drink. Once they're done, if they lick the wound it will heal, leaving no trace of the feeding. The victim will experience a feeling of ecstasy during the feeding. Afterwards they won't remember much of the incident, unless they actually know what has just happened (as would be the case with most blood dolls). See also Kiss, the.

A young, newely created vampire.

A ghoul is a being (human or animal) that has become a slave to a vampire and addicted to vampiric blood. Although not so powerful as Kindred, ghouls may use the ingested vitae to become preternaturally strong and resilient. They also cease to age. All of this applies only as long as they are given a sip of Kindred blood on a regular basis. Most ghouls are fanatically loyal to their masters, for ghouls are just as susceptible to the blood bond as Kindred are.
As the ghoul requires the blood of his domitor to maintain his status, he often has cause to drink repeatedly from the same vampire.

A vampire's "home", where she finds sanctuary from the sun.

Hunger, the:
The urge to feed, as with any living creature. For vampires, however, the Hunger replaces all other drives with its own powerful call.

A contemptuous term for mortals, indicating that their sole use is for sustenance. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

The race of vampires as a whole, or a single vampire.

A somewhat archaic and derogatory term used by the Kindred to refer to mortals. The term 'kindred and kine' refers to all the people of the world.

Kiss, the:
To drink blood, especially from a mortal. The Kiss causes feelings of ecstasy in those who recieve it.

A vampire. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

Masquerade, the:
An organized campaign enforced by the Camarilla to convince people that vampires do not exist. The Masquerade is the cornerstone survival strategy for Kindred; without it, the kine would rise up and exterminate all the undead, as almost happened during the Inquisition.
The basics of the Masquerade are enforced through self-policing and harsh penalties. When a breach occurs, the methods of repairing may vary, but somebody is going to be punished and while it would be nice for that somebody to be whoever caused the breach in the first place, Princes are known to prefer an early morning dusting over a long thorough search. Generally, a breach consists of any evidence of vampiric powers: feeding on blood, obvious use of Disciplines, regeneration in plain sight and the like. Certain things (such as ghouls) are considered potential breaches all the time although in this case, its assumed that the domitor will take necessary steps.
Camarilla vampires are taught to blend in and to cultivate their Humanity in order to make imitating living people easier. However, when something severe happens, the Camarilla usually calls on the Ventrue, who have made Masquerade-patching something of a science. The Ventrue will apply whatever resources are necessary cash, judicious use of Dominate, machine guns to make the problem go away.

The Prince's council of clan leaders in a given city; it's ruling body of elders, typically composed of one member from each Camarilla clan present in a city.
The term is both singular and plural, and refers to both individual represetatives and the Primogen council as a whole.
Theoretically, a primogen is the oldest vampire of his clan, and serves as a representative and voice for the clan in city affairs. In the modern era, the officeholder is usually decided within the clan proper by voting, violence or someone higher up giving the orders, rather than simply comparing ages. Primogen traditionally make up a council that is the second most powerful institution in the city after the Princedom. The power of the Primogen varies with the power of the vampires that make it up; in some cities they are a rubberstamp for the prince, in other cities they manage all affairs.

A vampire recognized as the leader of a domain (usually a single city) and possessing the authority of an Elder. The term can refer to a Kindred of either sex.
Generally, a Prince is advised by a council of Primogen, and holds authority over unlife and Final Death. This traditionally includes:
* Alloting hunting grounds
* Declaration or revocation of Elysium
* Granting authority to sire new vampires
* Punishment for violating the Masquerade
* Calling a blood hunt

All of a vampire's childer, collectively.

Regeneration is the vampiric ability to use the blood upon wich they've fed to heal themselves. Kindred are able to regenerate whole limbs and organs, given time and need. Regeneration always restores the vampire to the physical state he/she possessed when Embraced. This includes hair length, face shape, body weight, etc. When the body is injured or otherwise changed, it will reform in the same mold over and over again. Regenerating/Healing in public is considered a Masquerade violation.

A Kindred who holds a blood bond over another.

A vampire's Sire is the person who Embraced them, and is thus the vampire's "parent". There is no distinction between male or female sires.

A vampire chosen by the Prince to act as his bodyguard, and to enforce his laws in his chosen domain. This includes but is not limited to investigating, interrogating, and concluding the laws which have been broken and deciding whether or not to bring the criminal before the Prince. The Sheriff cares out all sentencing handed down by the Prince. Sheriffs can differ from city to city; some are intelligent, others lack the ability to discover. Most feel they are doing what is best for Kindred society, while some just want the power over others.

A vampire under the effects of a blood bond, having drunk another Kindred's blood.

A source of vitae for sustenance or pleasure, primarily mortal.

A synonym of blood.

A derogatory term for a young Kindred.